What is AdoBox?

AdoBox AdoBox is a free, portable Windows utility that assists you in creating, editing and testing an ADO String Connection. It lets you send asynchronic commands and queries to a server and retrieve resultsets for navigation and edition.

How to use

Start writing a String Connection on the syntax highlighting editor or click on Data Link Properties button [F8] to access the Windows Data Link Properties dialog box:

Data Link Properties

Once connected Connect button [F9], use the SQL syntax highlighting editor (which includes a completion proposal) to type your query:

SQL Completion Proposal

Retrieved resultsets Execute button [F5], are shown on an editable grid that offers column information:

SQL column information

Tool buttons allows you to navigate through data, insert and delete rows, cell edition and blob fields operations:

SQL BLOB column download

SQL BLOB column upload

Grid and resultset data can be exported as:

  • Comma-separated values (csv)
  • MS XML Persistence Format (xml)
  • MS Advanced Data TableGram (adtg)


Current version (1.0.0) can be downloaded as an installation package (msi) or a compressed (zip) file:

File NameSizeSHA-1
adobox.msi1,816,576 Bf415f8f32c24b55031b07c29224c133f2127e0fe
adobox.zip 1,205,934 B9caeb05b409072e59d38f8b2b54c1919f2975897